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April 22, 2011

My favorite composers

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As inspired by this article –

and this letter –

This kid’s list is awesome even if it is a little piano heavy. I am not a huge fan of piano music in general and my preference usually tends to full orchestral with lots of strings or symphonies featuring strings so that’s why I don’t have Wagner, Chopin, or Debussy.

My list of my favorites right this second:

1. Beethoven (for reference, google: “That of course is a value judgment and if you disagree with it you are a terrorist”)

2. Verdi (operas are damn hard to write)

3. Mozart (even if the only thing he ever wrote was the requiem, he’d still be 3)

4. Stravinsky (L’oiseau de feu)5. Rachmaninoff/Mahler (I don’t know which one wrote more impossible music)

6. Gershwin/Barber/Copland (my american contingent)

7. Liszt/Grieg (for some reason they always go together in my mind – maybe I imagine hungarians dancing in the hall of the mountain king)

8. Holst (I unapologetically worship Jupiter)

9. Bach (down to nine because sometimes it gets boring)

10. Schubert (unfinished symphony)

Yes I know that’s not really ten.

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