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April 14, 2011


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I hate this word. It means so much that it means nothing. To narrow it down, it means about four different things in the computing world depending on the context.

Hack -er,-s,-ing (v,n)

1.  (the one the media uses) to gain unauthorized access to a website, database, computer, or something else with the intent to do evil. Hackers broke into a local school computer and stole teachers’ phone numbers. 

2. (the one movies use) to do anything whatsoever with a computer or electronic device beyond that which my grandmother can do. Can you hack the radio to send a signal to Mars?? Sure, but it’ll take at least five minutes! We only have two!

3. (the one computer scientists use) to throw together a program using bad coding structure, etiquette, and technique. I finished the program, but I had to hack it to ignore any user input.

4.  (the one Anonymous/Black Hat uses) to gain access to a secure system to expose its flaws (either benignly to show the system’s owner the security loopholes or for personal gain). Security experts hacked IE6 to show its massive vulnerabilities. 

Anyway, don’t use this word. Instead use:

1. Criminals; jerks

2. The X-man Forge; magic

3. Cobbled; pieced together; (or just don’t do it)

4. Unauthorized access

Thank you.

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