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January 31, 2011

Watching Death and Revolution

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I have never seen a violent death in person. I have watched my grandfather die (I think it’s easier in the passive voice). I watched my dog die. I watched the 9/11 attacks on television – I saw the second plane hit live. I remember watching on my tiny little college tv, the bombs falling on Baghdad in 2003. I definitely paid attention during the late 2004 Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. Now it is Tunisia, Yemen, and Greece protesting against the government. And in Egypt there is revolution in the air – taken from the model of Iran (who knew!) – a tweeted revolution.The paths of revolutionaries and death are rarely predictable, but the causes tend to be resoundingly similar.Desperation of hunger, safety, and a land mass too large to physically control with an army tend to be at the forefront of reasons and possibility. It seems that food, lack of employment and rising costs of living are large players in the four monetary revolutions. But these are all caused by a bastardization of economics in a monetary “policy” that I hope someday will be to our descendants as slavery is to us. A world economy (hooray! for some reason) exists today as it never has before. Thus the linked downfall of each national economy is clearly laid out. I cannot add anything new to the discussion, except to say that I am hopeful that this is a turning point. Each country that realizes its own possibility for revolution and growth is a blow to the face of every ineffective government worldwide.But this now, it is like nothing ever before. It is a sectionalized revolting class – unknown mostly, but someday to see the brief light in world-wide media coverage, only to fade. Yet not fade entirely. There is now a permanent catalog of all that exists. The internet will save humanity from repeating its mistakes or at least it will allow for the study of those mistakes, even if they are doomed to repeat. Egypt canceled the internet. Turned it off for all its citizens alike. A desperate move by a desperate government, and yet in the end, the nerds will have the day. Google turned on a voicemail to twitter system. an effort to circumvent total government control over media, this effort stands out. The only measure to stop this play is to lock up every citizen. At some point, you have to believe the army says enough is enough. But even if it doesn’t, totalitarian regimes only seek to stave off failure, they do not try to succeed.We live in the future.  And yet death and revolution still are prevalent. I may not understand, but I will try.

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